Hustling for Glory at the L.A. Marathon Crash Race


If you're planning on sleeping in this Sunday morning, you'll be missing out. By the time you're in your second sleep cycle, hundreds of cyclists will be gathered to compete in or watch the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race - the largest urban-underground bike race in the world. Should you want to wake up and witness this for yourself, head to Tang's Dounts in Silver Lake, located on 4341 West Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, early Sunday morning at 3am, March 18th.

Cunningly aligned with the civic planning of the annual L.A. Marathon course, which is closed off to vehicle traffic during the early hours of the morning in preparation for the foot race, the race realizes a cyclist dream with 26 miles of zero cars on Los Angeles streets. There are four race categories: Women's Fixed, Women's Geared, Men's Fixed, Men's Geared. L.A. cyclists do not allow their dreams to be deferred - as "this is a rain or shine, or earthquakes, or locusts, or nuclear holocaust event."

Here's Roadblock, one of the organizers of the event (and contributing writer for our One Ride at a Time column), describing how the event began:

If you're not the racing type, you can still show up and ride along, and have just as much fun as those racing. All bikers are welcome (with protection and lights of course)!

For more details, visit the Wolfpack Hustle event page here. And watch this video recounting last year's event:

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Top photo by Sarah Sitkin used under a Creative Commons license.

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