Mike 'The Poet' Sonksen Honored for Distinguished Service in Poetry

The venerable Venice poetry institution Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center held its annual Awards Dinner on July 14, honoring two individuals who have made significant contributions to the world of poetry in Los Angeles.

This year the George Drury Smith Award, which "honors an outstanding achievement in poetry by a poet whose work has drawn attention to the art of poetry beyond the borders of Los Angeles," was given to L.A.'s first poet laureate, Eloise Klein Healy.

The Distinguished Service Award, which honors "a local poet who has made long-term contributions to the poetry community in Los Angeles," was given to none other than Mike "The Poet" Sonksen, who is featured weekly on KCET Departures in his column, L.A. Letters.

Congratulations Mike "The Poet"!

Mike Sonksen at the Beyond Baroque Awards Dinner | Photo: Beyond Baroque Facebook
Mike Sonksen and author Judy Grahn (who received Healy's award on her behalf) at the Beyond Baroque Awards Dinner | Photo: Beyond Baroque Facebook

The Beyond Baroque Awards Dinner began in 2011 "as a way to honor poets in the Los Angeles poetry community who have shined a light on the craft of poetry, both through their writing and through their efforts to draw attention to poetry as an art form," according to the Beyond Baroque website.

Be sure to check out Sonksen's writings about literature and poetry in Los Angeles and beyond in his column L.A. Letters.

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