Pay Me I'm Yours: LACO's Public Pianos Auctioned Off on eBay


For three weeks Angelenos had the opportunity to channel their inner-Rachmaninoff on one of 30 pianos strategically placed in public spaces throughout Los Angeles. As part of "Play Me I'm Yours," public art project by British artist Luke Jerram presented by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, these instruments provided harmonious distractions for thousands of Angelenos who happened upon them, filling the otherwise tuneless spaces into joyous public concert halls.

The instruments also provided a canvas for local artists and community organizations, who transformed the stiff wooden exterior into bright representations of the different voices of the city. It was public art in more ways than one -- made by the public, placed in public, and played and heard by the public.

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But now it may be time for the public to retreat into the private world. LACO announced that six of the pianos (others are being donated to schools and community groups) are now being auctioned off on eBay. With the starting bid of $150, and a Buy-it-Now option for $20,000.00, they will fall into the hands of whomever wins the highest bid. Whether there will be enough interest (and deep pockets) in these works to mean big business for the art world, or will simply end up in a kids play room, it remains to be seen at the end of auction in seven days.


Music Center Piano by Artists Raoul De La Sota & Pola Lopez of Avenue 50 Studio
Starting bid: $150.00



L.A. LIVE Piano by Artist Alexander Mihaylovich
Starting bid: $150.00



Beach House Piano by Artist Frank Cubillos
Starting bid: $150.00



LA City Hall Piano by Artist Danny Heller
Starting bid: $400.00



Click here for the rest of the auction.

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