Restoration of Twitchell's 'Jim Morphesis Monument' Begins

Restored Jim Morphesis Monument I Photo: Gil Ortiz Photos.jpg

UPDATE: The 2011 restoration of Kent Twitchell's "Jim Morphesis Monument" was completed as scheduled, before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Graffiti being cleaned away from Jim Morphesis Monument I Photo: Gil Ortiz Photos

The Los Angeles Mural Conservancy is leading the restoration of Kent Twitchell's "Jim Morphesis Monument," one segment of his "Seventh Street Altarpiece" at Grand and the 101 Freeway. The 1984 Olympic-era mural began undergoing graffiti removal Tuesday by mural conservation expert Scott Haskins.


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Administration, gathering of funding, and overseeing the restoration is being handled by the conservancy in an agreement with Caltrans, said Isabel Rojas-Williams, Executive Director of MCLA.

Restoration was first expected to take a week, noted Haskins, who did initial tests during 90-degree days. Because changes in temperature, it "may take a few days longer."

As part of the project, the rich black background will be repainted, and colors cleaned up. If needed, Twitchell will touch up subtler details of this piece.

"The restoration of this mural serves as a prototype for us to convey a message," said Rojas-Williams. "We must have business and individual partners that are able and willing to contribute. These things do not happen by themselves."

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