Scott Wilson, Founder of North East Trees, dead at 89


If you have noticed the oak trees that line the banks of the Los Angeles River, you will have seen the work and efforts of Scott Wilson, founder of North East Trees. Upon retiring from teaching for 30 years in the Los Angeles City school system--including Eagle Rock High School--his wife told him, 'For better, for worst, but not for lunch, go,' instead of laying around the house. He committed himself to planting five trees per day which formed into the non-profit North East Trees, an organization that for 20 years has planted over 50,000 trees and designed and built over 35 parks in the Los Angeles area. He and North East Trees are a major proponent to the revitalization efforts of the Los Angeles River having designed and built several of the pocket parks along the river including Rattlesnake Park and Duck Park.

He fell Saturday morning while tending to his garden, and rushed to Glendale Adventist Hospital, where he never regained consciousness.

His wife and family were with him when he passed away Monday. A memorial is planned for Sunday, Novemeber 27th, from 2-5 p.m. a the the Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock, according to the Highland Park Patch.com.

Scott will be remembered as we walk along the banks for generations to come as we enjoy the great oaks of the Los Angeles River.

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