Street Art Converts Los Angeles River into Surf City [UPDATED]

Calder Greenwood strikes again. The FX artist who has jumped into the Downtown Los Angeles street art scene, making statements about public space along the way, has a surfer riding the flow of the Los Angeles River. The paper mache art is placed on a small concrete embankment, between the Fourth and Sixth Street bridges -- for now.

Photo courtesy of Calder Greenwood. Click to enlarge
Photo courtesy of Calder Greenwood.

[UPDATE 5:00pm 6/5: Photographer Stephen Zeigler sent us the following photos of the surfers, including one installed at the First and Broadway pit that was previously the vacation spot for the sunbathers. "An SUV drove into the lot, and a man and a woman in office wear scrambled up the hill to remove the piece. They put it in the back of the  SUV and drove off." he reports.]

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Greenwood has taken a liking to the idea of paper-mache adding illusion to space, something akin to his FX work on film and video. "I do realize now that street art is more powerful in a way, because when you see it on the way to work, you see that the real world around you has been manipulated - it's more impressive seeing it in person than through a screen," said Greenwood days before this new art began riding the current.

Surfer series by Calder Greenwood, who collaborates with an artist self-dubbed "Wild Life."


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