Venice Field Guides: We Want Your Suggestions


Following the launch of our Field Guides for Highland Park and L.A. River, we are thrilled to announce another installment: Venice.

Founded by Abbot Kinney in 1905 as a resort town then known as "Venice of America," the neighborhood maintains its eccentric identity within Los Angeles, providing an endless catalog of people to see and places to discover. All year-round crowds of tourists and locals flock to the beachfront district to explore the canals, recreation along the beach and general circus-like energy. You can learn a bit more about its people and history by exploring our Departures: Venice.

We all have our favorite spots. In order to provide a comprehensive guide to the best of what the neighborhood has to offer, we want your help. We're organizing the field guide into categories of Art, Walking, Bicycling, Family, Architecture/History, Food and Recreation.


Tell us your favorite spots, things to do, and how you like to enjoy the day in Venice by filling out form at the bottom of the post.



Your suggestions will be included in the guides to be published later this month. Here are a few samples of what we will feature:


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A home along Marco Place

Beyond the beach, Venice is a wonderland of treats for pedestrians willing to explore. The community even has an area referred to by the locals as the "walkstreets." Each narrow passageway showcases a vibrant display of architectural and landscaping talent. Walkstreets include Marco Place, Ambroso Place and Nowita Place - west of Lincoln Boulevard and east of Shell Avenue - and residents there will be happy to greet you when traveling through their community with admiration and respect.



Flake on Rose Ave.

For an empty stomach with a curious appetite, Venice offers a plethora of options for your palette. From barbecue and burgers to donuts and lemonade, it's easy to find something that you'll love. If you find yourself on Rose during breakfast time, head to Flake, known for their "heavenly" secret sauce.



Exterior of SPARC on Venice Boulevard

Venice has been a beacon of sorts for artists since its inception, as the home for beat poets in the early 1900s and a convenient base for artists in search of cheap rent, isolation and inspiration. You'll find murals and expressive artworks on business facades and street corners throughout the community. So it's natural to find one of the most prominent arts organizations in the city - SPARC - in the community. This organization has serviced the city with public art since 1976. Make sure to check out their headquarters on Venice Blvd. byAbbot Kinney, which is surrounded by artwork from murals to the picnic table shown in the photograph above.



The Guitar Connect on Rose Avenue

The Guitar Connection, located on the popular and growing commercial strip on Rose Avenue, has serviced the Venice community for 30 years according to owner Mike Van Voorhees. The shop buys, sells and trades guitars and amplifiers. Accessible via a quick buzz at the front door (take note of the "Ten Tenets of the Role of Government" stapled out front first) and then you're inside, surrounded by a vintage collection of guitars and amps. Nearby food, art and shopping is only moments away, with amenities concentrating the Rose/Lincoln area of Venice.


We're still developing content for the guides, so be sure to share your suggestions!

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