What to See on Free Museum Weekend


If you've been wanting to visit one of the many great museums in our city but are too cash-strapped - you're in luck.

This weekend is "Museums Free-For-All," presented by the Museum Marketing Roundtable. On Saturday, January 28th and (or) Sunday, January 29th, participating museums will open their doors to anyone with a curious mind. With Pacific Standard Time still going strong, it's a great opportunity to learn about what Los Angeles has to offer when it comes to art and culture.

The full list of participating museums can be found here and on the map at the bottom of this post. To make the decision a little easier for our readers, we've selected a few exhibits that interest us here at Departures.

Here are our picks, with related links:

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Under the Big Black Sun at MOCA
Photo by | Photo by Flickr user waltarrrrr used under a Creative Commons license

See below for locations of all participating museums:
View Museums Free-For-All, 1/28 &1/29 in a larger map

Top photo: Chinese American Museum | Photo by Flickr user Ken Shelton used under a Creative Commons license.

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