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Make the most of your living space, from acres to containers.

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Photo by <a href="">gailhampshire</a>/Flickr/<a href="">Creative Commons</a>

Find the Ideal Low-Water Plants With This Garden Resource From UC Davis

A list identifies 100 plants that thrive in California.
Photo by <a href="">Scot Nelson</a>/Flickr/<a href="">Creative Commons</a>

What's Ailing Your Tomato Plants? This App Will Tell You

Information in the app was authored and peer-reviewed by members of a 100-year-old nonprofit.
Photo by <a href="">Amir Illusion</a>/Flickr/<a href="">Creative Commons</a>

80% of Sunscreens Are Ineffective, According to Questionable New Guide

It's worth knowing what ingredients are in your beauty products.
Image by <a href="">Custom Made</a>

Infographic: Plastic Pollution In Our Oceans Is on the Rise

Learn the facts about plastic waste, and think twice the next time you reach for that straw.
Image by <a href="">Ingrid Taylar</a>/Flickr/<a href="">Creative Commons</a>

The White House Has a Buzzworthy New Plan to Save Our Pollinators

The plan aims to cut honey bee colony losses to no more than 15% during winter.
Photo by <a href="">Jim, the Photographer</a>/Flickr/<a href="">Creative Commons</a>

Looking for a New Lawn Mowing Service? Try Renting Goats on Amazon

Google uses goats at their Mountain View campus.
Photo by <a href="">Michelle Tribe</a>/Flickr/<a href="">Creative Commons</a>

5 Perennial Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

These plants can grow all year with minimal maintenance and help you put more food on your plate.

After the Lawn: Rebate Programs and Costs

Rebate programs and costs are considered for new Southern California gardens.
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