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Make the most of your living space, from acres to containers.
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Ron Finley tending his garden at the parkway. | Still from "Broken Bread" Access
Broken Bread

How to be a Guerrilla Gardener

Guerilla gardening is about using unconventional tactics and classic gardening practices to turn little pockets of land and unused or under-utilized space into oases for city dwellers. Here's how you can start.
Decorations on the edge of Arroyo High School's community garden | Marianne Zaugg

In a Food Desert, a Ray of Hope Shines in a School Garden

In El Monte, where nearly half the city is classified a food desert, students and gardeners grow a lush garden with even bigger plans for the future.

Looking for an Organic Farm Near You? Where to Volunteer

Get your hands dirty and volunteer at one of L.A.'s many community farms and gardens.
Photo by <a href="">gailhampshire</a>/Flickr/<a href="">Creative Commons</a>

Find the Ideal Low-Water Plants With This Garden Resource From UC Davis

A list identifies 100 plants that thrive in California.

Leaving a Lasting Mark: Planting Seeds for a Healthier School Community

Presenting to the PTSA gave students an opportunity to share information about their school garden project and bring more people on board to support their efforts.
Photo by <a href="">Scot Nelson</a>/Flickr/<a href="">Creative Commons</a>

What's Ailing Your Tomato Plants? This App Will Tell You

Information in the app was authored and peer-reviewed by members of a 100-year-old nonprofit.
Photo by <a href="">Amir Illusion</a>/Flickr/<a href="">Creative Commons</a>

80% of Sunscreens Are Ineffective, According to Questionable New Guide

It's worth knowing what ingredients are in your beauty products.
Image by <a href="">Custom Made</a>

Infographic: Plastic Pollution In Our Oceans Is on the Rise

Learn the facts about plastic waste, and think twice the next time you reach for that straw.
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