Looking for a New Lawn Mowing Service? Try Renting Goats on Amazon

Once upon a time, Amazon was just a simple site selling books online. Then it expanded its offerings to include clothing and accessories, beauty and grooming products, hardware and electronics, movie streaming, grocery delivery, and virtually every product under the sun.

Now, you can add goats to that list.

Through Amazon Home Services, a new portal for scheduling professional services online (such as housecleaning or furniture assembly), the Hire a Goat Grazer service allows you to rent a herd of goats to help you clear your land, whether it's in the woods or in an open field.

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The service is still in beta, so delivery of your goats is currently only available near Amazon's headquarters in Seattle and in select cities in California (where goat grazing has been a thing for some time — Google uses goats at their Mountain View campus and the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles employs a herd in downtown L.A.). But if you live in a qualifying area near a vetted service provider, you can submit a quote request for your own all-natural lawn mowing service.

By nature, goats are voracious animals and eat almost anything and everything in their path, including thistle, blackberry, English ivy, poison ivy, poison oak, sumac, kudzu, and many other types of vegetation that are considered invasive or harmful to humans. As a bonus, they'll leave behind a few parting gifts as well — in the form of free fertilizer for your newly cleared land.

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