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Southland Sessions

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KCET 50th Anniversary
Times have changed, and the world has changed since we first went on the air on September 28, 1964. But our commitment to providing high quality educational and cultural programming on-air, online, and in the community is unwavering. Through the years, we have played an important role in the lives of many generations of Californians, as a source of information, learning, enlightenment, and inspiration. Join us as we reflect on our past milestones and accomplishments, while we usher in the future, inspiring a better state for all Californians.

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Penn and Teller Go Public (1985)

Penn and Teller? Never heard of 'em. It's 1985 and two fresh faced magicians take the stage.

The Best of '¡Ahora!'

"¡Ahora!" the groundbreaking Mexican American community talk/magazine program, aired on KCET from 1969 to 1970.
See what I mean? I want this tape to ferment for ten years before you watch it

It's Me! Dad! (1999)

Fritz Coleman's 1999 one man show chronicles the performer's personal history and experiences as told to his children.

Sue Booker: A Place for Under-Served Communities to Display Their Humanity

During the early 1970s Sue Booker introduced dance, theater, drama, documentaries, news and public affairs, and other programming.

'Life & Times': 'The Day After the Riots' Special

During and following the 1992 Riots, 'Life & Times' devoted a program to discussing the events.

The 1970s: Cousteau's Odyssey Continues

To a very small degree, I have done my best to follow in the footsteps of Jacques Cousteau.

Huell Howser's Longtime Producers: He 'Hated Traveling' Outside California

Phil Noyes and Harry Pallenberg produced 'Visiting with Huell Howser' on the KCET lot from 1993 to 2012. This clip, from an interview shot with the duo in 2014, is the first in a series celebrating Huell and his contributions to California's history.

KCETLink Vice President Talks Going Independent

KCET announced in October 2010 that it would be leaving PBS to become the largest independent public television station.

KCET's Palencia Turner Talks Community Involvement

Palencia Turner, KCET's chief development officer, understands the value of community involvement. KCET has the unique disposition of being involved in communities throughout the 11 counties it serves and reflecting the diversity of the people.

Al Jerome: Changing the Tires Going Ninety

Al Jerome, former KCET president and CEO, talks about the decision to break away from PBS, the challenges involved, and what the future holds.
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