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A Milestone in Cultural Development in Southern California

This KCET Flashback goes back to 1965 and Dr. Frank C. Baxter's salute to KCET, and the dedication of our own Los Angeles Educational Television Station, Channel 28. Baxter, while not a scientist himself, was an icon of science, appearing as "Dr. Research" in television specials during the late 1950s and 60s. The programs were shown in schools up into the 1980s, and he was well known as the face of popular science. In fact, he could be considered the Bill Nye of the Baby Boomer Generation.

"Let us all take heart that such a television station exists here and for our benefit. Let us thank those who have brought it into being, but let us all have a part in building it into a strong and significant force in our lives." -- Frank Baxter

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