How Do You Envision a Better California?

For the past 164 years, California has not only been a geographical state, but a state of mind. For the past 50 years, KCET has educated, informed, enlightened and inspired generations of Californians. As we look forward to the next 50 years and beyond, how do you envision a better California for all?

With a diverse populace, large, influential cities, myriad natural wonders, and a centuries-long folkloric reputation as a place of dreams and fortunes, the greatness of The Golden State is already common knowledge to many of us.

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But as we face current future challenges regarding the environment, economy, governance, transportation, education, and human relations, we all know there's much room for improvement.

How can we solve our emerging water crisis in the era of drought? How can we best stimulate job growth? How can we protect our fragile natural ecosystems? How can we further protect ourselves from large earthquakes and other natural disasters? How can 38 million (and counting) people ideally coexist? How do you see California in 2064?





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