October 1983 - Public Affairs Series 'KCET Journal' Premieres

A scene from 'L.A.'s Tomorrow,' showing Los Angeles
A scene from 'L.A.'s Tomorrow,' a 'KCET Journal' special that aired in 1984, hosted by actor Edward James Olmos. | Photo: KCET Archives

In October 1983, the station premiered the award-winning public affairs documentary series, "KCET Journal."

The hour-long program featured segments dealing with contemporary life, such as "Crimes of Neglect," a feature on teenage runaways, and "Generations of Violence," a report on domestic and family abuse.

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The program, produced by longtime KCET news producer Nancy Salter, aired until 1990 and was a forerunner to later KCET programs such as "Life & Times," "California Connected," and "SoCal Connected."

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