Scott Williams: Creating Memories and Experiences


As we celebrate KCET's 50th anniversary, we are visiting your community to ask you, what makes you love California and how we can envision a better future for all. The following was recorded at the Burbank Ice Rink, December 2014. For more and to participate in our next 50 years, join us at kcet.org/50.

"My name is Scott Williams and I live in Hermosa Beach, here in California.

"I'm a producer, Ice America is our company and this is one of our holiday ice rinks. We are in the ice entertainment business whether it be ice rinks, ice shows, things of that nature.

"I actually got involved in ice skating right here in Southern California. I started competing, got more and more involved and a lot of people don't realize that we have a great skating culture here and a lot of wonderful, competitive skaters come out of this area.

"Skating outdoors is really a special feeling, it's a special activity. Doing it during the holidays adds to it and creates a lot of memories for people. For us it's about skating but it's more than that it's really for us, more about creating memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. And we see so many happy and smiling faces that's really the impetus behind what we do at Ice America and at the rink at Downtown Burbank. It's a special partnership we have here in Burbank and we appreciate the opportunity to be here.

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"I think we all need to work hard to keep improving our wonderful state. It's a state I love to live in and love to be raising a family in now. I have a lot of pride in California and I look forward to being a part of it's continued growth and improvement. I think it's a great place. Great people and there's a lot of great energy here that I think can continue to improve.

"I envision a better California with more ice rinks."

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