September 1978 - KCET's Sunset Blvd Studios Declared L.A. Historic-Cultural Landmark; New Offices Built

Los Angeles City Historic Cultural Monument plaque placed at KCET's Sunset Blvd studios
Los Angeles City Historic Cultural Monument plaque placed at KCET's Sunset Blvd studios. | Photo: KCET Archives

In September 1978, KCET's historic studio lot, used continuously since 1912 for motion picture and television production, was designated as a Los Angeles City Historic-Cultural Monument.

The 4.5-acre lot, originally 3.5 acres when KCET moved there in 1971, earned the designation of LA. Historic-Cultural Monument No. 198 by the city's Cultural Heritage Board. The plaque, placed on the original guardhouse structure of the former silent movie production studios built in 1912, was dedicated in a ceremony in October 1978.

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The previous year, KCET made some history of its own by completing its new, 3-story administration building, which replaced the collection of bungalows on the lot to house the station's offices. The $1.9-million structure was built from 1975 to 1977. The 42, 577 square-foot, oblong red brick structure was designed to match the appearance of the original 1912 studio buildings on the north end of the lot. It was built on the west side of the studios directly along Sunset Boulevard and contained 128 offices, a 125-capacity auditorium, and a basement.

In May 1977, the building was dedicated, with Mayor Tom Bradley and L.A. City Councilmembers Ed Edelman and Peggy Stevenson in attendance. At the dedication, the entire building was wrapped with an oversized ribbon and a 10-foot high gift tag that read, "To: KCET; From: Los Angeles. The new building was fully occupied at the start of 1978.

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