Zarii Arri: Teach Our Children to be Nice


As we celebrate KCET's 50th anniversary, we are visiting your community to ask you, what makes you love California and how we can envision a better future for all. The following was recorded at the Burbank Ice Rink, December 2014. For more and to participate in our next 50 years, join us at kcet.org/50.

"My name is Zarii Arri. I moved to California specifically because I wanted to do acting but I also really, really love ice skating--really compete and really serious in that area.

"The first TV we got, the first thing we had was ice skating on it and I remember having a little card, I think, with ice skates and every day I would go look at that until my parents said, 'Ok just take her ice skating.' That was when I was two and it's just uphill from there.

"Home is mostly where my family is or where my friends are and how long I've spent here and how much I love the place and I really love Burbank. It's a really good community and there are many nice people here and my family likes it. That's the important thing.

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"What I think we should do to improve California is, I understand we have a lot of droughts here and people have been speaking about, especially on the news, how we should save water and things like that and that is a very smart thing to do but it is also at the people as well. This is a nice neighborhood, a nice place to be and the people are nice so I think they should stay nice. Especially the next generation, we should really teach our children to be nice to whomever you meet whether they look different from you or act, or from some other place. I think that's the smart thing to do is teach your children."

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