50th Anniversary Screening of 'Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round' to Close KCET's Summer Cinema Series

The KCET Cinema Series concludes its summer season with a celebration of the work of James Coburn. On Tuesday, August 2, we're proud to present a 50th anniversary screening of the 1966 crime caper "Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round." Pete Hammond, host of the KCET Cinema Series, points out this is, "One one of [Coburn's] earliest leading roles and Harrison Ford's very first appearance on screen." Producer Carter DeHaven will be joining Hammond for a Q&A session following the film. The KCET Cinema Series is sponsored by the James and Paula Coburn Foundation and the E. Hofert Dailey Trust. 

The fall season of the KCET Cinema Series begins on August 16 at the Aero Theatre and will run through October 10. Make your reservations for tickets now. 

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