KCET Cinema Series Screens 'Little Men' on July 26

The KCET Cinema Series will continue its summer season at Santa Monica's Aero Theatre with a screening of "Little Men" on Tuesday, July 26. Directed by Ira Sachs and co-written by Sachs and Mauricio Zacharias, "Little Men" is the story of two teenage boys who form a friendship as rising rents strain the relationships of the adults surrounding them. "It's a very sweet, coming-of-age movie," says Pete Hammond, host of the series.

Sponsored by the E. Hofert Dailey Trust and the James and Paula Coburn Foundation, the KCET Cinema Series offers advance screenings of anticipated films. Each screening concludes with an in-depth Q&A conversation with the talent behind the movie. This week, director Ira Sachs and star Theo Taplitz will be the night's guests. The KCET Cinema Series concludes on August 2 with a special James Coburn film night. Get your tickets now for the fall season, which starts on August 16 at the Aero Theatre.

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