'Monsieur Lazhar' Writer/Director Philippe Falardeau on the Oscars and His Film

Host Pete Hammond with writer/director Phillipe Falardeau during the KCET CInema Series Q&A.


The KCET Cinema Series, where moviegoers get to see several films before they're released, is back! Last night, attendees celebrated the first day of the spring series with an opening night reception at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood. The evening celebrations included visits from new KCET personality Roy Firestone and a recap of KCET's upcoming show by KCET President and CEO, Al Jerome.


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The series kicked off with a screening of the Oscar-nominated film "Monsieur Lazhar," the story of an Algerian immigrant who helps a class of middle-school students cope with the suicide of their beloved teacher. After the screening, host Pete Hammond led a Q&A with the director of the film, Philippe Falardeau.

The following podcast is selection of that discussion and includes Falardeau talking about his first time at the Oscars, how the idea for the movie came from a one-person play, educational reform, working with actor Mohamed Fellag and fact checking the current political landscape in Algeria.

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