Photo Gallery: 'The Last of Sheila' with Dyan Cannon and Richard Benjamin


Actors Dyan Cannon and Richard Benjamin joined KCET Cinema Series host Pete Hammond for a special 40th anniversary screening of the classic James Coburn film, "The Last of Sheila."


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About the film:



This star-studded 1970's murder mystery, directed by Herbert Ross with a first and only screenplay by Anthony Perkins and Stephen Sondheim, centers around an intricate game of murder among wealthy vacationers orchestrated after the death of gossip columnist Sheila Green. Her widower, a movie producer played by James Coburn, assembles a group of friends aboard his yacht named Sheila. The cast of characters include a washed up director (James Mason), a self-absorbed agent (Dyan Cannon), a beautiful movie star (Raquel Welch), her untrustworthy husband (Ian McShane), a struggling writer (Richard Benjamin), and his heiress wife (Joan Hackett).


The film was followed by a Q&A with Dyan Cannon and Richard Benjamin. Look through photos taken at the event:


Photos by Ed Krieger.

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