Santa Fe Film Festival 2012


KCET Cinema Series producer Michele Garza is heading over to the Santa Fe Film Festival this week. She'll be sharing her impressions of the festival and the films!

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The 13th annual Santa Fe Film Festival opens this week in one of the top international cities in the world for arts and culture. Santa Fe unequivocally is one of the most picturesque cities and is rich in history of the American West, as the oldest capitol in the United States.

The Santa Fe Film Festival offers filmgoers four days of over 60 films, featuring the best of new films from Santa Fe filmmakers, thought provoking documentaries, independent voices in film and contemporary international films. In addition to the film screenings, the festival hosts panels with the filmmakers, and post screening receptions at some of Santa Fe's best restaurants.

The festival opens with a screening of Focus Features' comedy/drama "Hyde Park on the Hudson," starring Bill Murray as Franklin D. Roosevelt and actress Laura Linney as his distant cousin, Margaret Suckley. The storyline centers around a weekend in 1939 when FDR hosts Queen Elizabeth and King George VI of England in his upstate New York estate. Also featured in the line-up of films is "Quartet," marking the directorial debut of award-winning actor Dustin Hoffman. The film has a star power cast, including Maggie Smith, Billy Connolly, and Tom Courtenay. "Quartet" also just happens to be next week's (December 11) film at the KCET Cinema Series at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood. Dustin Hoffman will be in attendance for the special post screening Q and A!

Still from Quartet

I'll be at the Santa Fe Film Festival screenings this week, so I look forward to sharing my impressions of the film festival with you. For more information on the film festival go to website and for KCET's Cinema Series, now in its 19th season, go to the Cinema Series homepage or call 747.201.5800 to learn how you can attend the screenings.

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