Santa Fe Film Festival: 'Wolf Dog Tales'


KCET Cinema Series producer Michele Garza is heading over to the Santa Fe Film Festival this week. She'll be sharing her impressions of the festival and the films!

Film: "'Wolf Dog Tales"

The Santa Fe Film Festival is committed to featuring New Mexico independent filmmakers. I particularly enjoyed "Wolf Dog Tales," a short animated film by director Bernadine Santistevan, who draws from her experience of growing up in rural New Mexico to create an imaginative and instructive tale. Inspired by Navajo sand paintings, the animated artwork was created by Igor, an Emmy Award-winning artist.  

Another of my favorite films in the festival was the short documentary, "And Now Sophia," a touching true story of gender transformation by the talented director Aaron Patterson. For a full list of New Mexico filmmakers in this year's Santa Fe Film Festival go to visit the festival website.

And if you like the work of indie filmmakers, particularly young new talent, stay tuned for KCET's 15th Annual Fine Cut: Festival Of Student Film coming in January 2013. 



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