‘The Etruscan Smile’ Brings Bestselling Novel to the Big Screen at the KCET Cinema Series

Arnie Holland is a 46-year industry veteran. He is owner and president of Lightyear Entertainment, a film and music distribution company which has released more than 120 films and 100 albums, and has extensive experience in film, music, television and video. Lightyear is a Los Angeles and New York-based entertainment company, with the mission of releasing quality independent film and music that generates income for producers and artists. Lightyear had its origins at RCA in 1981, and was originally a management buyout of RCA Video Productions.

Some of Lightyear’s recent film releases include "Tanna" (nominated for the 2017 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film), "Goldstone" (released March 9, 2018 and now on Netflix), "Maze" (released March 22, 2019 and now on Hulu), "Jirga" (Australia’s submission for the 2019 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film) and "16 Bars" (a powerful social justice and music documentary with soundtrack album).

See event photos and listen to the Q&A from the screening below.

Lightyear President Arnie Holland with Pete Hammond.
Lightyear President Arnie Holland with Pete Hammond
Post screening conversation with Pete Hammond and Lightyear President Arnie Holland.
Post screening conversation


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