'Under the Eiffel Tower' Brings a New Twist to Romance at the Spring KCET Cinema Series on February 5

Q&A immediately following with co-star Judith Godrèche.

In this romantic comedy, a middle-aged man (Matt Walsh) who's having a midlife crisis tags along on his best friends' family vacation to France. In short order he falls for not one, but two women. The first is his friend's 24-year-old daughter. The second is a beautiful French woman (César Award winner Judith Godrèche) who sparks a new romance and life possibilities. The film is written and directed by American independent filmmaker Archie Borders.

As a native of Louisville, Kentucky, Borders incorporates pride for his home state into all of his work. Each film of his, prior to this one, has taken place in Kentucky but this is the first one where a Kentuckian goes abroad…leaving their home environment in a classic “fish out of water” scenario where comedy ensues.

He mused, “The whole idea of this kind of plot - the Southern gentlemen abroad - does go back to something like a Mark Twain, or a Faulkner, or just something more where you have a Southern voice, and taking this character. Essentially, you've got a Kentucky salesman who has represented an international company; This character, played by Matt, does fancy himself as much more of a bon vivant than your average rural Kentuckian.”

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The film screens at 7:00 p.m. at the ArcLight Cinemas in Sherman Oaks. Immediately following the screening, Deadline’s chief film critic Pete Hammond, who can also be seen on KCET’s Must See Movies, will moderate a Q&A session with co-star Judith Godrèche. “Under the Eiffel Tower” will be released by The Orchard on February 8, 2019.

Deadline.com is the presenting sponsor for the spring season of the KCET Cinema Series, which runs February 5 through March 26. The Arclight Cinemas Sherman Oaks is located at 15301 Ventura Blvd and nearby parking is available.

To learn more about the series call 201.747.5238.

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