Kick It Up L.A. Blog Digest - 7/1


KCET.org has partnered up with GlobalGirl Media's local bureau to bring you Kick It Up L.A., a girl's-eye-view of Los Angeles, soccer culture and the World Cup. GlobalGirl Media has been training young women to become citizen journalists and report on both the world's biggest sporting event and the issues that matter to them in their lives and communities.

The young journalists have been blogging over the GlobalGirl Media site, and each week we'll be bringing you a digest of their posts. This week the girls blog about the JROTC program in their school, Olvera Street, soccer injuries, and personal discovery.

Strong-Thoughts, by Team Orange

The Little Street that Could, Team Red

Ouch that Hurts, by Team Red

Finding Ourselves

Remember to check out the Kick It Up L.A. site to read more from these amazing local reporters.

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