Meet the Kick It Up L.A. Reporters!


The GlobalGirl Media reporters are divided into two teams - Team Orange and Team Red. They hail from across Los Angeles. We asked them to tell us a little about themselves:

Sussete Nunez is a Honduran American high school senior who was born and raised in Los Angeles. She loves to swim and play volleyball, is her school's in Leadership program and loves being active in her classes. Her main interest is writing and she plans to major in journalism with aspirations to become a reporter.

Brenda Solis is a high school sophomore. She was raised in El Sereno, likes variety and isn't afraid to try new things. She has many dreams and goals and hopes to one day be part of a team producing TV shows and movies. Conspiracies fascinate her and she hopes to one day uncover one. She is a GlobalGirl Media -- this our world and her voice.

Born from two Mexican born parents and bilingual, Rocio Ortega proudly represents her Mexican culture. Rocio has high academic expectations for herself since she plans to attend a four-year college after high school and double major in journalism and political science. As a GlobalGirl Media she plans to emphasize her values of natural born rights of humanity and the success of Mexican-Americans.

Jessica Cueva is currently a student at Santa Monica College. She is a helpful, caring, giving, and an outgoing person once you get to know her, otherwise she is very shy. She comes from a "crazy, loving, and respectful" family, and is the oldest of four. Jessica is also very excited to be participating in an opportunity that will allow her voice to be heard.

High school junior Maria Torres' favorite sports are soccer, basketball, and football. Her favorite teams are Chivas, Lakers, and The Dallas Cowboys. Her dream after she graduates from high school is to study to become a social worker. When she has a stable career she wants to move to New York, get married, and have kids.

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Like many other teenagers, Edith Romero wants to be successful in life. She lives with her mother and two other siblings. As a young lady she still doesn't really know what to do in life, so being a GlobalGirl Media may help her see what else is out there.

Diana Torres-Luevanos is currently a member of the JROTC and is her high school's Battalion Sergeant Major. Diana likes to spend time with her friends and writes novels in her spare time. Her goal in life is to publish one of her novels and to grow up to have both a successful family and career.

For the first seventeen years of her life, eighteen year old Martha Mejia grew up and attended schools in Mexico. She hopes some day to make a major contribution to help reduce human suffering. She would like her voice to be heard because she has innovative ideas from a culturally different perspective. She describes herself as a mature person with an introverted personality.

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