Alumni Update: 2013 Honoree Madame Sosei Matsumoto

Madame Matsumoto & students

Madame Sosei Matsumoto is a 2013 Local Heroes Honoree for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. 

Since being honored, Madame Matsumoto has continued to be actively involved in the teaching and demonstration of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Madame Matsumoto and her students, many of whom are established teachers of Japanese tea ceremony themselves participate and assist with these formal and detailed celebrations/commemorations, many of which take weeks of practice for a specific type of tea ceremony for each occasion, along with the selection of special tea ceremony bowls / utensils, Japanese scrolls, seasonal flower arrangements, and seasonal kimonos.  In tea ceremony, one is continually learning about tea ceremony, history, Japanese ceramics, Japanese calligraphy, scrolls, and makers of the hand-made utensils.  

Madame Matsumoto provides the strict discipline and a wealth of knowledge to her students who are still learning from Madame Matsumoto, a Grandmaster herself. 

Once a month, Madame Matsumoto volunteers with her student to prepare a tea ceremony for the Keiro Senior.

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