Meet Local Hero Nominee: Lois Arkin

Lois Arkin photo | Local Heroes 2019

Title: Founder

Organization/Business: CRSP Institute for Urban Ecovillages/Los Angeles Eco-Village 

Website: http://laecovillage.org/crsp/

“For Lois, “Living sustainably” is not just an idea or a goal. It is a lifestyle not just for herself but for the well-being of others and our planet. Way before that phrase became part of our vernacular, she was challenging all those around her for the need to live in a different way if we wanted a better, safer, and cleaner world for this generation and all those to follow.”

       Michael Mata, Nominator

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About the nominee:

Lois Arkin, founder of the nonprofit CRSP (1980), a co-op resource center, also known as the Institute for Urban Ecovillages, launched the Los Angeles Eco-Village (LAEV) in 1993. Co-author/editor of two books on sustainable cities and cooperative housing, and the former editor for the “Ecovillage Living” column in Communities Magazine, she was a co-founder of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) in 1995. A current board member of the Global Village Institute, she served for 17 years on the Community Advisory Committee of the Wilshire Center/Koreatown Redevelopment Area. A co-founder of LAEV's Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust and the Urban Soil/Tierra Urbana limited equity housing cooperative, Lois lives and works in LAEV, and is passionate about reducing auto use in L.A.  She is a public advocate for car-free living and gives public tours of the LAEV neighborhood.  

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