Meet Local Hero Nominee: Sam Lewis

Sam Lewis photo | Local Heroes 2019


Title: Executive Director

Organization/Business: Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Website: https://antirecidivism.org/news/arc-announces-sam-lewis-as-next-executive-director/

“Sam is a leader in creating pathways for his organization's participants to successfully reenter into society and is an example himself of the power of redemption to incarcerated individuals. Once a life prisoner and now the recently selected Executive Director of one of the most influential criminal justice reform organizations in California, Sam is a local hero to me and anyone who sees his story.”

       Bobby Kobara, Nominator 

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About the nominee:

Sam Lewis was recently promoted to Executive Director of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) and previously served as the Director of Inside Programs. A former life prisoner himself, Lewis understands the various challenges that the reentry population may face. He began transforming himself while incarcerated through various rehabilitative programs and higher education courses. Despite being denied parole 8 times, Lewis never gave up and upon release in 2012, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from Indiana Institute of Technology graduating Magna Cum Laude (with the majority of his studies completed while incarcerated). Lewis currently serves on  the Los Angeles Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Employment Equity. His passion as an advocate pushes him to continuously seek improvement for himself as he encourages others to live non-violent lives.

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