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Lost LA Curriculum
The Lost LA Curriculum Project uses Lost LA episodes to present culturally relevant teaching materials centered on local history. Use this prototype portal to navigate lessons by topic, watch the documentaries, download the PDFs of lessons and classroom activities and find related articles. The Lost LA Curriculum Project works with California's history-social science instructional framework and aligns local stories and materials with state educational standards. Find these materials and more presented at PBS Learning Media.
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Chavez Ravine Before the Dodgers

History of Dodger Stadium

What happens to a place across time?
Artist's depiction of a fight with a Grizzly bear

Development and Biodiversity

What impact has urban development had on biodiversity in the Los Angeles area?
A Tongva man and woman work outside their home

The Tongva Before and After Spanish Arrival

What was life like for the Tongva before and after Spanish arrival?
An ariel view of sprawling Los Angeles

Change Over Time

How has the perception of Los Angeles changed over time?
People stand in line at Central Casting

African Americans and Hollywood

In what ways did the entertainment industry impact African Americans in Los Angeles during the early 1900s?
Mural honoring Toypurina

Toypurina: Indigenous Woman

How and why is Toypurina remembered in different ways by different groups of people?
Chinese men standing together, B&W Photo

Anti-Chinese Massacre of 1871

What were the causes of the anti-Chinese massacre?
A minority couple laying on the beach together under an umbrella

Beach Culture & Access

How can we make the beach culture in SoCal equitable for all?
Postcard of the Dunbar (Somerville) Hotel, Los Angeles, ca.1938

South Central Civic Action

What internal and external factors shaped African-American South Central between the 1920s and 1950s?
Travelers on the Road, B&W

The Green Book

How did African Americans adapt to the challenge of traveling in the United States over time?
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