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A Year in Pandemia

COVID-19 has upturned every aspect of our lives and forced the world to reckon with its systemic inequities. Travel back through a year of unforgettable loss — but also courage and resilience — to see how the world has forever changed in the aftermath.
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U.S. Cities Continue To Shelter-In-Place As Coronavirus Spread Is Expected To Peak

One Day at a Time ... A Comprehensive COVID-19 Timeline

This timeline puts into perspective the significance COVID-19 has had on us, the struggles we face to contend with a pandemic and perhaps illuminates what we want in a better future.
Susan sits on a bright blue wooden lawn chair. She's sitting leaned back, with her legs folded and her arms crossed. Patches of sunlight light different parts of her body as she smiles with a gaze slightly off from the camera.

She Was Trained to Deal With Pandemics, But That Wasn't Enough

Despite her background as an emergency room nurse trained to respond to bioterrorism attacks and Ebola, Susan contracted COVID-19 March 2020 and continues to experience symptoms months later.
COVID Survivors_Jennifer

Months After Contracting COVID-19, This Nurse Was Still Housebound

She contracted COVID-19 through community spread at the start of the outbreak in New York in March. Because of her preexisting conditions, she was hospitalized for several days and after two months she is still housebound and recovering.
Gail sits at a wooden picnic table. She's looking off to the side. Behind her is lush, forest scenery.

COVID-19 Survivor Now Fights Misinformation in Her Community

She survived COVID-19. Now, she's on a mission to fight COVID-19 in her community with facts.
COVID Diaries_Ryan

Fitness Teacher Is a COVID Survivor With 'Lungs of a 75-Year-Old'

Ryan, a fitness professional, began experiencing COVID-like symptoms June 2020. Months later, an MRI scan revealed lung damage compared to that of a smoker's lung.
Monica sits at a chair next to a window lighting her face. She's sitting with one leg folded on the chair.

She Got COVID at Work, yet They Refused to Compensate For Her Long-Term Illness

After 17 weeks of unexplainable, ongoing symptoms, Monica was diagnosed with COVID-19-induced lupus and is still fighting for workers' compensation despite catching COVID-19 at work.
Side photo of an Indigenous man who is smiling inside an office. He is wearing his long hair in a ponytail and wears a striped button down shirt.

'We're Born Indian and We Die White': California Indigenous Fear COVID-19 Deaths Undercounted

California Native American leaders fear the deaths that have shadowed their communities this past year have been undercounted.
(LEFT) ER nurse Adwoa Blankson-Wood pictured near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, wearing scrubs and a surgical mask; By October, Blankson-Wood was required to don an N-95 mask, protective goggles, a head covering and full PPE to interact with patients.
SoCal Update

As A Black Nurse at The Pandemic's Frontlines, I've Had A Close Look at America's Racial Divisions

Most of the time, I was able to frame conversations within the context of the virus and not race, telling patients that we were doing our best, trying to be the heroes they kept calling us. But I was dying inside .... It was easier to find solace in my job, easier to be just a nurse, than to be a Black nurse.
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