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Climate Change

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A thick haze of smog sits above homes in San Bernardino, California.
Earth Focus

Is Geography Destiny? How Environments Shape Our Lives

The fourth season of "Earth Focus" explores how our environments affect our health. Stories of collective resistance and human agency reveal how geography itself is shaped by people, and how people act so that their destinies might not be determined by their geographies.
Aerial of an inland port in Stockton, CA

Has California’s Landmark Law Cleaned Communities’ Dirty Air?

California’s environmental justice law is supposed to clean the air for 15 hot spot communities, home to almost 4 million people. But after more than four years and one billion dollars, it’s still impossible to say whether it’s worked.
a man in a hard hat smooths concrete with a highway in the background

As Billions of Dollars Go to California Infrastructure, Concrete Poses a Climate Threat

California is welcoming infrastructure upgrades to its roads and bridges, but not requiring that the projects use readily-available lower-carbon concrete. The new construction will make it harder for the state to achieve its climate commitments.
COP26 Coalition Protestors Take Part In The Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

After a 'Disappointing' UN Climate Summit, California Youth Activists are Back to Work

Youth climate activists have criticized the COP26 pact for being "vague" and failing to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. For one activist, the disappointment with negotiations at the global level inspired him to focus his work more locally in Southern California.
Cars lined up in traffic heading into Oakland.

Cars and Trucks: How International Climate Promises Compare to California’s Mandates

Nations addressing climate change took on gasoline and diesel vehicles in pledges that mirror California’s mandates and plans — and in some cases, go even further.
"Road closed" sign sits in the foreground while logs are stacked next to the closed road.

As UN Tackles Twin Climate Threats, California Struggles With Them, Too

UN nations have pledged to reduce climate-changing methane and forest destruction within 10 years. California has been trying to handle both problems, with limited success.
Operations Section Chief Jon Wallace wearing a yellow jacket looks at and reached out to touch the protective foil wrapping around a big sequoia tree called General Sherman at Sequoia National Park, California

California Moves on Climate Change, but Rejects Aggressive Cuts to Greenhouse Emissions

Drought, wildfires, extreme heat: California lawmakers cast climate change as the culprit in an emerging series of public health threats, setting aside billions to help communities respond. But they stopped short of more aggressively reducing the state’s share of the greenhouse emissions warming the planet.
The fourth person from the left, Bii Gallardo help hold a banner that reads "DEFEND THE SACRED" during the L.A. Women’s March in January 2020.
Tending Nature

Bii Gallardo: Building Relationships with Land to Fight For Climate Justice

“I’ve fallen in love with working with my community and working for social justice and environmental rights,” says Bii Gallardo. Those are the reasons why the Apache and Yaqui activist works so hard to recognize Indigenous voices and fight for environmental justice.
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