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Housing and Homelessness

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A protestor speaks through a megaphone at a car caravan in Bell Gardens, California
Earth Focus

Bell Gardens Residents Fight for Rent Control

When California Latinas for Reproductive Justice first started organizing for rent control, some policymakers didn't see the connection between housing and health. In Bell Gardens, the fight for housing stability is the fight to address the environmental determinants of health.
Protesters surround the Los Angeles Superior Court to prevent an upcoming wave of evictions and call on Gov. Gavin Newsom to pass an eviction moratorium.

California Lawmakers Struck a Deal on Eviction Protections. What Does It Mean for Tenants?

State lawmakers are rushing this week to extend California eviction protections for hundreds of thousands of tenants waiting for rent relief. But some advocacy groups for landlords and tenants alike are unhappy with the bill.
Panorama of El Sereno homes

How Home 'Reclaimers' in El Sereno Pursue Self-Determination, Inspired by the Zapatistas

Roberto Flores, co-founder of the Eastside Café, saw a potential solution to the housing crisis in the vacant state-owned homes of El Sereno. He draws on lessons from Indigenous communities in Chiapas to organize for community control and stable, dignified housing.
Worker Gloves

For Low Income and Unhoused Angelenos, Addressing Food Insecurity Is Vital

Data suggests 516,000 households in Los Angeles County suffered from food insecurity in 2018. Struggling to secure a meal makes it harder for people to address other priorities such as employment or mental health.
Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks during his State of the State speech in Sacramento on March 8, 2022. He stands in front of a row of California and U.S. Flags.Photo by

A Defiant Pep Talk, a Gas Rebate: What Governor Newsom Offered in State of the State

Gov. Gavin Newsom gave a pep talk to Californians tired of COVID and worried about crime, homelessness and inflation. In his State of the State address, he pledged some relief from high gas prices, but mostly promoted the "California Way" of finding new solutions to big problems.
Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks in front of a podium with a sign reading "the California Blueprint".

Will Governor Newsom Do More To Reduce Inequality in California?

Gavin Newsom took office promising to tackle poverty. His administration has made progress on a number of fronts, but advocates say the state needs to do more to reduce inequality.

How Long Are Californians Waiting for Rent Relief?

A new study says that California has sent rent relief to only 16% of applicants, who are waiting months. The state disputes the analysis, but according to its figures, only 41% of applicants have been paid.
Sacramento firefighters stand just beyond a homeless encampment fire.

California Counted Its Homeless Population, but Can It Track the Money?

Volunteers fanned out across the state for the first statewide count of California’s homeless population since 2020. The number is expected to be higher, raising more questions about the impact of the state’s increased spending.
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