Jackie Chan Becomes First Chinese Actor To Get Chinese Theatre Imprint -- Again

Jackie Chan became the first Chinese actor to have his hands and feet cast in wet cement at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Thursday. He was accompanied by actors Jaden Smith and Chris Tucker.

The Hong Kong actor has starred in more than 100 films and directed in 20 since the age of five. The theater was renamed in January when Chinese electronics company TCL Corporation purchased the naming rights for over $5 million.

"Twenty years, ago, 1993 ... I was not on the red carpet, (I was) on the side, and I saw there are so many stars doing interviews," Chan said, according to wire agency Agence France-Presse. "I had nothing to do. I was standing there looking around to see the handprints. I thought to myself, when will I have my own things? During all those years my dream [grew]."

This actually isn't the first time Chan got his handprints done. "Twelve years ago I did the handprint, but somebody stole it," he said, making him the first actor to have his handprints done twice.

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