L.A.'s Next Mayor Wants Suggestions on Reddit

Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti already took to the popular community website Reddit during his campaign, but he's coming back. He will do an AMA, or Ask Me Anything thread, Thursday evening. But instead of taking questions, he's hoping to engage with Angelenos about their suggestions and solutions to improve the city during his mayoral tenure, which begins July 1.

The hour-long AMA will begin at 7 p.m., and a link will be announced tomorrow (Update: here's the link), though comments have already begun pouring in under Garcetti's reddit post announcing the event, with people pushing for bike-friendly measures, tax incentives to rein in "runaway film production," and more protections for jobs at the ports, where automation has become more popular.

Garcetti began soliciting ideas shortly after winning the election with a number of listening sessions around the city and via the internet.

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