Second Storm of Week to Bring Cold Weather, Rain, and Snow



Another cold storm will hit the region today, generating light rain in the Greater Los Angeles area starting tonight, along with snow over Interstate 5 through The Grapevine, forecasters said.

Temperatures, meanwhile, will remain low, with highs around L.A. and its environs mostly remaining in the 50s.

The rain will start along the Central Coast early this afternoon, then spread southeast across Ventura and Los Angeles counties tonight and early Saturday, forecasters said.

The storm -- the second Pacific storm this week -- is expected to generally produce a quarter-inch of rain, but there could be up to a half-inch in some areas of Los Angeles County, the NWS said in an advisory this morning.

"It looks like this will be a fast-moving system as the rain should end by early Saturday morning," according to an NWS advisory, which said the snow level would fall to between 3,000 and 4,000 feet tonight.

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"There could be an inch or two of snow across the Interstate 5 corridor through The Grapevine Friday night, which may affect travel over The Grapevine," according to the advisory.

Dense fog also may shroud mountain roads tonight and early Saturday, creating "wintry driving conditions," especially above 3,500 feet, while at lower elevations there could be ponding, "especially in areas where drains have not been cleared," it said.

The NWS also had a warning for campers.

"The combination of wet snow and low temperatures in the mountains could also create a dangerous situation for campers and outdoor enthusiasts who are not prepared for the change in the weather conditions," the advisory said.

The weather will remain unsettled next week, when "a series of storms" could target the region, it said. Showers are expected Sunday, and rain is in Tuesday's forecast.


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