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Winners of the Northeast Los Angeles Placemaking Design Competition

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We're excited to announce the winners of the NELA RC Placemaking Design Competition! It was difficult selecting a handful of winners out of the 37 amazing design project ideas that we received. Thank you again to all the community members, designers, and artists who submitted designs. We also want to thank our jury of NELA RC partners who scored all the designs.

The designs for each of the geographic categories were judged according to the six placemaking evaluation criteria used for the competition; placemaking potential, social impact, implementation feasibility, sustainable physical design, design creativity, and health outcomes. The winners below represent projects that scored the highest across all criteria when added up, and these 6 winning projects will each win $2,000.

There were also some outstanding projects that we want to recognize below as honorable mentions for each of the geographic categories.



Griffith Park Eastside Park
Robert Garcia

This park design proposes much needed green space for the eastside of the Riverfront in Atwater Village--while recognizing the need to include active spaces for families, horse riders, and sports.

Honorable Mention
Hyperion River Plaza and River Watch
ERW Design

This design imaginatively captures the potential of using the existing structures from the old Atwater Village Trolley line and the River Banks as potential public plaza space to view the increased recreational activity taking place in the River and its Riverfront.



Figueroa and 26 River Intersection
Joshua Link

This design's mindful placemaking idea that targets a heavily used intersection, not only provides much needed safety to pedestrians and bicyclists, but also builds on the Riverfront identity as an intersection that leads to Cypress Park's L.A. River Center and Gardens.

Honorable Mention
Chichen Itza
Viviana Franco

This design does an outstanding job building on the cultural history of the region of the Americas and builds a modern interpretation of pyramids that can truly benefit the community of Cypress Park and neighboring NELA neighborhoods.

Honorable Mention
Cypress and Division Lot
L.A. River School

This design led by local high school students who wait for the bus in front of the lot provides a sensible and safe use of the lot that would benefit the needs of local students, transit users, and community members in the area.



Descansito Rest Stop
David Dedlow-Tracy Stone Architects

This multi-use project design provides an excellent idea to improve access to the River as a public space for Riverfront residents, businesses of Elysian Valley and visitors who descend upon the River.

Honorable Mention
Confluence Colonnade Parkway
Steven Appleton

This imaginative design celebrates the architectural heritage of the colonnades under the Riverside bridge but also imagines a creative destination structure that can be added under the bridge.



Glassell Park Community Garden
L.A. River School

This design proposed by local high school students proposes a healthy idea that transforms an existing blighted lot into a community garden and park asset that can serve as a positive space for family gathering and food production.



River Ways to L.A.
Charles Ghiotto

This design provides trail connections to the River that connect the River to nodes for arts education, creative transit kiosks for bicycles, and local artists and creatives in the neighborhood.



Arroyo Seco Artcupuncture
Alicia G. Jimenez

This design idea builds on the creative and artistic spirit of the NELA region and its Riverfront neighborhoods by connecting them through urban 'Art'cupunture networks and art activation through the River.

Honorable Mention
Frogtown Ribbon Gardens
Global Green USA

Aimed at Frogtown as its initial pilot site, this design project's idea of transforming underutilized planter strips in front of houses provides alternatives for food access and an urban agriculture endeavor for the neighborhoods in NELA.

Honorable Mention
Wayfinding Systems
Studio Performativo

This design idea provides a functional and creative wayfinding system along the River that not only connects to the identity of the River and its Riverfront neighborhood--but also uses sensible designs to encourage safe mobility uses during day and night.

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