Arroyo Seco Artcupuncture


This project aims to create a longitudinal axe along the Arroyo Seco, utilizing the dense web of freeways and infrastructure, to create an urban 'Art'cupunture network of art activation. The area of focus will include the Lincoln Heights and Cypress Park communities, but also extending east to Mount Washington and Highland Park. Overall, the area reaches from the Heritage Square/Arroyo Gold Line Metro Station to the Arroyo Seco Confluence.

The river will become a new urban arts scene for Northeast L.A., while tackling challenges such as pedestrian and bike access, safety measures and gentrification control. This civic arts restoration will engage the community in the process, especially the existing creative energy in the area. This multiphase project will leverage existing art nodes, establish new art nodes, and build a network promenade connecting all nodes. Proposed elements include projects, murals, open-air art galleries, lighting art, and other artistic expressions that reflect the community.


Project submitted by Alicia Gomez Jimenez, winner of NELA-wide category of Design Competition.

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