Artists and Makers of Elysian Valley


The business core of Elysian Valley is a dynamic mix of both small and internationally recognized artisans, along with still- thriving small manufacturers who provide many local jobs. Together, this creative community comes together annually for the much anticipated Frogtown Artwalk, an event that also highlights the River as an asset while promoting local artists and maker products.

The physical character of the neighborhood is defined by a handful of river-adjacent manufacturing and industrial buildings surrounded by single-family residential homes. With growing real estate speculation, the 'highest and best use' for properties is large-scale residential conversion. The Elysian Valley community is working to minimize displacement of the creative class, protect the lost of small manufacturing buildings suited for adaptive reuse, preserve the village quality of the neighborhood, and promote the continuance of small manufacturing that provides local jobs.

The City should continue exploring the following strategies:

  • Clarify Q Conditions under the Elysian Valley Revitalization Plan Ordinance No. 176825 on commercial manufacture (CM) zoned sites to incentivize adaptive mixed used developments by allowing live/work units, incentivizing adaptive reuse of industrial buildings and development of affordable housing, and prohibit incompatible lot ties.
  • Initiate an updated to the Silver Lake-Echo Park-Elysian Valley Community Plan to protect the character of the neighborhood while allowing for new growth, especially in regards to parking credits and a community-wide mobility plan that will incentivize developments with appropriate density.
  • Incentivize investment by local community development organizations.

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