Bio-industrial Park at River Glen

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River Glen, at the northern tip of NELA Study Area, is currently characterized by industrial, biomedical, and entertainmentrelated uses uses. Bound by the River and Verdugo Wash, this area is industrially zoned, sprinkled with unsightly barbedwire fencing, and limited in River access points. The three sub-areas include: 1) A stable area occupied by large employers such as Baxter, Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas Inc., Quixote Studios, and Kaiser Permanente - all long-term and stable job creators for the area; 2) A warehouse heavy area with light industrial use, including Levitz Furniture, car dealerships, and the Priority Pak Shipping Facility, with few owners owning multiple parcels of land; and 3) A high environmental impact set of uses, including metal recycling facilities and Caltrans maintenance facility, that inadvertently create surface runoff and trash.

We recommend the exploration of this area becoming a premier eco-industrial park in the area, featuring riverfront access. The acquisition of the 15 acre metal-recycling facilities or new water treatment facility at the Verdugo and LA River confluence has the potential to attract new industrial employers and enhance public infrastructure.

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