Biotech Corridor Possible for NELA District


A biotech and technology overlay zone has the potential to encourage specific industrial uses. With the support of the Department of City Planning and Economic & Workforce Development Department, NELA could serve as a pilot testing ground for specific zoning ordinances and business incentives that encourage technology and bioscience research, bioscience industry, innovation activity, bioscience workforce generation, and biotechnology research.

Along with Eaton and Baxter, two of the biggest employers in the NELA area, other biotech and technology companies with 75 or more employees include:

  • Nelson-Miller Inc.
  • Stadco
  • Hehr International Inc.
  • Huntsman Advanced Materials
  • The Garvey Group
  • Viva Vina Inc.
  • Active Supply Co
  • Storybrook Production Inc.
  • Salwem Communications
  • Heiland Sinoc Automotive
  • Mintie Corp
  • Homeboy Industries
  • Elevator Equipments Corp
  • 43 Backwards Inc.

To build on this impressive list, we recommend targeted incentives, recruitment, and coordinated regulatory policies specific to industrial zones in NELA.

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