Chichen-Itza in Cypress Park


There is a 4,800 square feet triangular lot adjacent to the 110 Freeway just south of the Heritage Square Gold Line Station. The most striking element of the space is not a feature, but an action. A Cypress Park community member has revitalized the space by planting cacti around the perimeter and placing decorative white rocks as a border. It is clear that the community was empowered to reclaim the space.

This project will be community designed and built, featuring local native plants and an interactive pyramid that can be used for plays and community events. Inspired by Chichén Itzá, a large Mayan socio-economic center in Mexico rich with cultural practices, economic activities and daily social rituals, this project will be named Cypress-Itzá. This new space will reinforce the cultural diversity in the community and welcome locals and Angelenos alike.

Project submitted by Viviana Franco of From Lot to Spot, Honorable Mention winner for Cypress Park category in the Design Competition

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