Community Organizing Initiative


Currently, community organizing is fragmented in NELA without a clear focus on the potential and needs of the Riverfront area. Community-driven development with a social equity lens requires organizing work that is focused on mitigating the displacement of lower-income and longer-term residents. Thus, a community organizing platform should be created by a new or existing local non-profit or community organization focused on educating and building local leaders to shape equitable community and economic development in the area.

Community organizing models can take many forms, from campaign specific or geographically centered. The East Los Angeles Community Corporation focuses on leadership development and community empowerment by facilitating civic engagement opportunities to advocate for responsible and equitable development that benefits existing residents. Overall, any initiative must recognize that many NELA stakeholders remain unfamiliar, distrustful, or intimidated by the prospect of interacting with local government or developing entities. The socio-economic diversity among existing stakeholders serves as a strong base for community building. Furthermore, since the majority of NELA residents are of Latino and Asian ethnic backgrounds, the organizing platform should consider practices that consider their cultural and linguistic needs.

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