Cornfields/ Arroyo Seco Specific Plan (CASP)

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Within the boundaries of the NELA Study Area, the CASP zone is bound by the River on the west, Main Street in the south, Interstate 5 on the east and the Los Angeles River Center and 110 Freeway in the north. The CASP creates flexible zoning to facilitate future developments that could transform a mostly industrial land into a mixed-used, high- density neighborhood characterized by active street life, retail and commercial activity, open spaces, alternative uses of transportation, and river-orientation.

There are many provisions that encourage community- oriented development projects. Specifically, the affordable housing provision is especially compelling and the first of its kind in the City's planning policy. The CASP provides for a Density Bonus Program that allows for increased Floor Area Ratio (FAR) above the base FAR and an increase in maximum height for projects that agree to include an affordable housing component. The CASP also allows for reduced lot area unlimited by minimum unit size provisions, thus allowing for projects to build smaller residential units that can be rented at lower rates. Similarly, without a minimal parking requirement, projects are not limited by space constraints often associated with parking spaces.

We recommend a strategic effort to convene potential developers, financial intermediaries, and community-based organizations to explore ways to encourage the use of CASP to develop affordable housing. Due to NELA's expansive residential footprint, another strategy is to identify industrial and commercial zoning that can implement the FAR housing bonus.

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