Griffith Park Central Service Yard


The 28 acre city-owned Griffith Park Recreation and Parks Central Service Yard (CSY) located in Atwater Village is currently being used for equipment storage for park maintenance, despite its inconvenient access to Griffith Park. The site has a permanent building housing Recreation and Parks staff, several portable buildings, a large parking lot and storage areas. In 2006, the Department of Recreation and Parks determined that this site has always been dedicated parkland, but was not used for recreation.

The Griffith Park Vision Plans calls for the elimination of the non-park-specific functions, consolidation of park-specific administrative and maintenance functions, and new passive and active open space. A short walk from the Chevy Chase Recreation Center, this site can serve as an expansion to park users with a river-oriented that can be converted to a picnic and wildlife viewing area. To build on this plan, we recommend the site connect the residential community with Griffith Park through the river, as well as allow for commercial uses along the River, such as a café or bicycle shop. Adjacent to this site is the proposed La Kretz Crossing, which will serve as a riverfront landing with a café and other services.

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