How Would You Improve the Food System in Northeast L.A.?


Food policy refers to any type of public policy that has to do with the food system, which includes how food is produced, transported, purchased, and consumed. Food policies collectively influence our food environments, or the food that is available in a given neighborhood or community.

In Northeast Los Angeles (NELA), food policy has the potential to determine the types of foods that are available and where they can be found. Policies could provide incentives for retailers to carry more fresh fruits and vegetables, or increase the availability of healthy food in schools.

The NELA project and resident surveys provide an opportunity for residents to give input on their current food environment, including changes that they would like to see. The data collected throughout the project will be used to document demand and what residents want "food in their neighborhood to be," which can then inform policy recommendations.

How can the food system in Northeast L.A. be improved? Tell us in the "Responses" tab above.

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