If You Could Build Your Own Community in Northeast L.A., What Would You Include?


The workshop on mobility and planning started with an invitation for its patrons to take a short stroll along the River greenway, to a pop-up coffee shop hosted by Cafecito Coffee. The workshop began with a short presentation and Q & A session on the City's goals for the Vision Plan, and continued with three stations entitled "Mobility and Transportation", "River Access and Connectivity" and "Great streets/Great Parks." Each station was designed to elicit commentary on specific Planning related topics.

During the meeting, the community members provided very tangible commentary, such as the need for way finding signage to increase security and improve accessibility to the River, as well more general commentary, such as the need to improve the relationship between the River and the surrounding residential and commercial community. By listening to the input from stakeholders, and understanding the historical context shaping these requests, the Department of City Planning will be able to develop a plan that not only represents the needs of today's NELA river community, but design a plan that is sustainable and successful to withstand future demographic and physical changes within the NELA area's industrial, residential, and commercial communities.

What would your ideal NELA community include? Tell us in the "Responses" tab above.

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