NELA Opportunity Sites

NELA Opportunity Sites 
From underutilized sites to potential river access ways, these projects leverage existing resources, funding potential, and the desires of community members, to support the local neighborhoods and the revitalization of the Los Angeles River. We encourage you to leave your thoughts on the project site in the "Responses" tab.


1. Albion Dairy Site (Downey Recreation Center)

SITE TYPE: Community Facility

NELA Significance:
New Park Space    
Owned by the City of Los Angeles
Expansion of Downey Recreation Center

2. Rio de Los Angeles State Park (G-2 Parcel)


NELA Significance:
New Park Space
Owned by the City of Los Angeles
Expansion of Downey Recreation Center

3. Marsh Park (Janel Glass Factory)


NELA Significance: 
Expansion Plans for Marsh Park
Owned by Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
Potential Opportunity for Adaptive reuse
River Development Opportunity Site
Existing Park used for New River Program
(Outdoor Movies, Kayak Tour Storage)


4. Griffith Park Pool & Recreation Center (Riverside Drive and Los Feliz Blvd) 


NELA Significance:
New Park Space
Owned by the City of Los Angeles
Expansion of Downey Recreation Center 

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5. Former Franciscan Ceramics Site (New Hope Chapel)


NELA Significance: 
EPA Recognized Brownfield
Undeveloped/Unimproved Cap on -12 Acres
Adjacent to New Hope Chapel and Shopping Center
Used for Car Related Film Shoots


6. Lincoln Heights Jail (L.A. Youth Athletic Club)


NELA Signficance: 
Riverfront Adaptive Reuse Project
Owned by the City of Los Angeles
Historic-Cultural Monument (1993)
Mixed Use/River Oriented Program


7. Redcar River Crossing (Glendale and Glenhurst)


NELA Significance: 
Historic Foundation for Redcar Bridge to Glendale
Opportunity to Create Pedestrian/Bike River Crossing
Mural Painted on Existing Piers
Adjacent to Redcar River Park

8. Verdugo Wash (South Coast Recycling)


NELA Significance: 
ARBOR Study Ecological Restoration Area (ONLY Alt. 20)
Opportunity to connect Ped/Bike Trail Along L.A. River
Regional Ecological Corridor to Verdugo Mountains
Redevelopment Opportunity on River Edge


9. Media Center Drive Cul-de-sac (Bowtie Parcel)


NELA Significance: 
Potential Connection to River
Adjacent to ARBOR Study Bowtie Parcel
Alignment with Marsh Park
Currently Private Property

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10. Fletcher Drive and Larga Ave (Glenhurst Park)


Dangerous Pedestrian/Biking Conditions
Adjacent to Public Facility Zoned Land
Nearby to Glenhurst Park
Opportunity for River Access


11. L.A. Sewer Maintenance/Dorris Place (Taylor Yard Bridge Site)


NELA Significance: 
Public Facility Zoned Land
Adjacent to Planned Taylor Yard Bridge
River Development Opportunity Site
Stormwater BMP Project


12. Figueroa Commercial Area (Cypress and San Fernando Road)


NELA Significance:
Historic Street of Los Angeles
Important Corridor and Community Destination
Series of Small Local Shops/Businesses
Potential GREAT STREET Candidate
Character Defined by Auto-Oriented Uses
Bike Corridor into Downtown L.A.


13. Glendale Railway Station


NELA Significance: 
Regional Connector (Amtrak/Metrolink)
Historic Landmark
Hollywood Film Location
Opportunity to connect to Atwater Village
Catalyst for TOD Development


14. Oso Park (At Blake and Oros)


NELA Significance: 
Gateway Park to Glendale Narrows L.A. River Stretch
Exit Point for Kayak Tour
Lack of Visitor Parking/ Amenities
Poor Signage and Way-Finding
Nearby to LID/BMP Street Improvement Project


15. Cypress Park Recreation Center


NELA Significance: 
Large Outdoor Recreation/Athletic Program
Indoor Gym Facility
Potential for Facilitating Events
Easily Accessible Location
Dangerous Traffic Speeds on San Fernando Road

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