NELA RC Summer Interns Are Awarded City Certificates for their Hard Work

Interns with NELA RC partners, and staff from Mayor Eric Garcetti's and Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell's offices. Photo: Jason Chiang.

With the summer coming to a close, the Northeast Los Angeles Riverfront Collaborative (NELA RC) summer intern cohort ended their internships with a celebration at Home Restaurant on Riverside Drive in the Silver Lake/ Elysian Valley area. Among those present at the end of summer celebration were Ryan Carpio from the Mayor's office and Mary Rodriguez from Council District 13, to award the interns city certificates that thanked them for their contributions to the NELA RC project.

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The interns were recruited from local colleges and universities; some also represented universities as far away as UC Berkeley, MIT, Manchester in the United Kingdom, and Sciences Po Lyon in France. Their summer work in partnership with the NELA RC resulted in surveying close to 700 residents, 75 small businesses, helping coordinate community workshops, monitoring local media, and writing media stories to tell the story of their intern experiences in the field.

The community input they gathered through the multiple forms of engagement will inform the NELA RC partner work, which will result in sustainable economic development recommendations, a vision plan, civic engagement strategies, and neighborhood stories for the NELA RC project.

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